Open Runs

Adult open Runs

Unleash your passion for the game at Best Choice’s “Open Runs”! Tailored for adult sports enthusiasts, our Open Runs provide the perfect arena for those eager to showcase their skills, reconnect with the game, or simply enjoy a day of friendly competition. Dive into the action on our specialized courts and experience the excitement firsthand. Spots fill up fast, so don’t miss out!


Dakota Tucker

Current Schedule:


Drop-in times are 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Monday – Friday.


Open gym is $10 per person. Adults 18+ courts play yellow and blue.

open gym rules:
  1. Call your own fouls, continuations allowed if basket made after foul, respect each other’s calls, all intentional or flagrant fouls (not going for ball just to stop an opponent from scoring) will result in 1 free throw for player that was fouled (10 seconds to shoot free throw if more than 10 seconds while main clock keeps running.).
  2. All games are to 11 by 1’s and 2’s or highest score at the end of 10 minutes clock whichever comes first. The clock will run continuously until 10 minutes is up. If a tie at the end of allowed time we will play sudden death overtime. A team will shoot for ball and first team to score wins, all open gym rules apply in overtime.
  3. No malicious threats or cussing to be directed toward any other player – 1st Offense will be a Warning 2nd Offense will be removed from game 3rd Offense will be removed from gym.
  4. Zero Tolerance on any activity deemed inappropriate while at Best Choice such as illegal activity, harassing, or damage of property. 1st Offense you will be asked to leave gym.
  5. Zero Tolerance on Fighting 1st Offense you will be asked to leave the gym. All parties involved will be subject to removal from the facility.
  6. All players must sign up upon arrival as well as sign all proper documentation in person or in advance online.
  7. First 10 players who arrive on each court will play first game.
  8. All players that have not played the previous game will have priority to next game played. If over 5 first to make a free throw play.
  9. All disputes will be settled by a 3-point shot in favor of the player who hit the shot. Any argument that lasts more than 1 minute on running clock and can’t be settled will result in current game being ended and 2 new teams will play.